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US American Flag Heavy Duty Aluminum License Plate Stealth Tactical DEEP Gray on Black S2


  • Official CustoMonsterDesigns product. Made in USA. Features a solid Industrial/commercial strength heavy duty METAL black license plate as a base, with the design created through the application of a high-quality outdoor durable DEEP GRAY S2 vinyl decal on top designed to provide a stealth flag appearance.
  • SOLID METAL Industrial/Commercial Strength 0.50 GAUGE black color rust free aluminum license plate, Thickest, the most sturdy & durable, heavy duty one piece metal plate on the market with TACTICAL DEEP GRAY color
  • DEEP GRAY Tactical License Plate series are engineered and mastered in our facility exclusively and only distributed by CustoMonsterDesigns. We have developed 4 TACTICAL DEEP GRAY designs and there are 4 shades of TACTICAL DEEP GRAY tones are available S1 being the lightest GRAY and S4 being the Darkest, please examine our DEEP GRAY TACTICAL License plates in our shop and pick the one fits your needs and taste.
  • We also uploaded 1 picture of DEEP GRAY TACTICAL License Plates with different tones of gray side by side for you to see & compare and understand TACTICAL DEEP GRAY TONES S1 being lightest and S4 being the Darkest but still being more visible than just being black on black MAX TACTICAL series we have, so you can pick one so please search our store and buy the one suits you the most.
  • Copyright 2018 CustoMonsterDesigns. All Rights Reserved.Original & Unique Exclusive Design manufactured only by CustoMonsterDesigns.




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